There’s something inside of some people that words cannot express. There’s this beat inside our hearts that needs to be followed or else we will die. Once the music is turned on, our cells beg to move fast, our hearts beat enormously, our bodies go wild and our minds begin to picture things up. And when the music stops we end up with a big smile. We feel something amazing, we are like the most successful person in the world. And good thing is that after the first session we want more, we never stop until our bodies stop moving, until our heartbeat tells us to take a break and our feet begin o wobble and shake, we will never stop DANCING.

Our hearts are hidden in every steps, our emotions are expressed in every movement, our message is delivered through choreography and our words are most often accompanied by music that we loved. We cannot afford to just listen to the music , we will move, we will explore and we love to dive into the deep things of a song.


Our body are trained to do anything that the music tells us to do, We are limitless, we can change our emotion from one moment to another. We can dance like an angry man and we can dance like an angel, we can sing the lyrics of the song using our bodies, without  even using our mouths, that’s how detailed we are and how unique the gift of dance for us.

Our body creates and recreates, our minds conceives and our hearts feels everything, our whole being are connected with each other.


When we hear a song plays here’s what happens.

Our ears listen to the song, while the mind creates and conceives a picture of the whole routine,Our hearts is feeling every lyrics of the song, our body kills every beat, our hands go somewhere, our feet go wild, hearts beat faster and later you will know that we are already singing the song without even opening our mouths, without even a voice coming out of our lips, That’s who we are as a DANCER  and that’s how we SING!


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